Endogenous Tourism Project at Sualkuchi, Kamrup, Assam

The Permanent Welcome Gate to Sualkuchi


To harness tourism in the rural areas a new form of tourism showcasing the rural life, art, culture and heritage at those locations thereby creating economically viable options for the locals, has been visualised as a joint collaboration of the GOI- UNDP.


Sualkuchi of Kamrup District has been selected as one of the sites for implementation. Sualkuchi which is popularly known as the Manchester of the East is situated at a distance of 30 Kms from Guwahati City on the north bank of river Brahmaputra. Banglaghuli village, the project site, is situated right on the banks of the river at a distance of 2.0 Kms from the main road. It is bounded by the Gondhmow forest range and is composed of a mixed population comprising of people of diverse religious and socio-economic background.

RAKSHYASHINI PAHAR (an island) Near project site


The project has 2 components.Software component (Rs 20 Lakhs) and hardware (Rs 50 Lakhs) component with a total involvement of Rs 70 Lakhs.The software component has been entrusted to the CEE, North East Regional Cell. The fund against the software component has already been released. The hardware component to be executed by the District Administration in collaboration with CBTC & UNDP.The UNDP empanelled architect paid a visit to the project site in the first week of May, 06


The initial site was identified at Gondhmow village As the work of the software component had already been initiated at Gondhmow an intensive survey of all adjoining lands was made to find an alternative site for the project. After checking with the revenue records, an area of 6 Bigha(approx.) has been selected atop a hillock standing right on the banks of the river Brahmaputra.

Religious and Historical heritage around Sualkuchi


Software component work has been started by CEE, North East and self-help groups formed. Sensitization workshops have been organized and training imparted to beneficiaries. A base line survey of the project village has been done strictly keeping in mind the principles of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The entire sanctioned amount of Rs 20 Lakhs under software component has been released to the implementing agency namely CEE.


The district administration has already developed the approach road towards the site by incurring an initial expenditure of Rs 1.0 Lakh. The hillock has been cleared of the unnecessary vegetation and a scheme for landscaping of the project site has been taken up for implementation by planting coconut and species of other value added trees for future benefits of stakeholders. Local youths have been selected to undergo training at Horticulture Research Institute at Kahikuchi under Assam Agrilcultural University. The CBTC has already identified the prototype structures which can be executed at site and also the materials that will be used for its construction. The structures will get well with the surrounding environment and will be eco-friendly, locally available and highly cost effective.


(Double bedded attached with Toilet)


Landscaping, coconut plantation on both sides of village road = Rs 0.50 Lakh

Development of approach road to the project site = Rs 1.0 Lakh

Indigenous Weaving Product Muga, Pat

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