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Introduction to National Informatics Centre :-

National Informatics Center (NIC) is a premier organization in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in India. It was setup in March, 1975 by the Government of India to play a promotional role in creating Computer Awareness and for developing and implementing computer based information system for decision support in the Ministries and Departments of the Government. It provides state-of-the-art solutions to the information management and decision support requirements of the Government and the Corporate sector. Now NIC has become an organization of national and international fame. It comes under the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India. NIC has set up a satellite-based nation-wide computer-communication network, called NICNET, which is a member of the INTERNET family. It connects the national capital, the state capitals and all district headquarters to one another. NICNET is a type of Wide Area Network (WAN).

" The nation-wide computer communication network,

skilled manpower and rich experience in IT make

NIC the largest software house in India"

Objective :-

1. Development of computer based information systems in various sectors of the economy for planning , project monitoring & decision support.

2. Promotion of computer usage & informatics culture at district, State and National levels.

3. Improvement of analytical capability & presentation of information utilised for National, State and District level planning.

4. Development of modelling, forecasting & simulation techniques that are required for planning and decision support.

5. Establishment of computer communication network for ensuring ready access of information across the nation enabling optimum use of resources.

6. Evolving standards for data collection, compilation & dissemination , with the cooperation of related agencies at District, State and Central levels.

7. Creating a dedicated training school with branches in all parts of the country for extensive training/retraining of personnel in public service and users of NICNET.

8. Providing gateway for accessing International Databases for those working in District, State and National level.


Services :-

The services provided by NIC include development of Application Software Packages, System Software, Database Systems, Distributed Databases, Networking, Electronic Mail, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Access To International Databases, Computer-Aided Design, Geographic Information Systems, Modelling, Expert Systems, Telematics Software, Office Automation, Text based Management Systems, Turnkey Projects, Training, Internet Facility and Website Creation.

National Informatics Centre

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