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The name of Shri Bhupen Kalita of village Abhayapur pam of Bongshor area in Kamrup District is well known as a most successful progressive farmer of the District. By dint of perseverance hard working, intelligent farm planning and management, ably supported by trainings, study tours outside the state sponsored by the department of Agriculture, assistances received from the department he has attained this status.

Born in a typical poverty striken farm family, Sri Kalita is the second son of Uday Kalita and Mrs Renu Kalita. He used to help his father in farming activities since his school days. He could not prosecute studies after H.S.L.C due to poverty. He took full control of family land since 1989 and since then he never looked back. Step by step he extended in his intensive farming activities with expected returns and visible economic upliftment. Today Sri Bhupen Kalita is the pride owner of 28 bighas of agricultural land. He is well supported by his family members in farming activities. Today the traders are making Bee-line to his farm to purchase his pride produces like ridge gourd, sponge gourd, Bhindi , ash gourd, potato, tomato, brinjal, cole crops, pea, mustard, garlic, onion etc.

Amongst the rice varities he is cultivating Masuri, Ranjit, Joha, Bora, Boka etc.

His net yearly income is now some lakhs.

He was adjudged best farmer in 2001 by the Government and was rewarded worth Rs. 1.20 lakhs. He was also rewarded several times by several organisations as a mark of recognition of his successful farming carrier.

The success story of Sri Bhupen Kalita is an eye-opener to present educated youth for adopting farming as a means of livelihood.


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